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🎶🗿👁 "Music is the healing force of the universe" 🎼 "The body is held together by sound. The presence of disease indicates that some sounds have gone out of tune" ~Deppak Chopra 🎵

We offer 2 unique sound bath experiences every month, typically on Fridays or Saturdays: a Shamanic Sound Bath featuring sacred medicines and our popular 420 friendly Gongs & Bongs Sound Bath (more info below).

Both sound baths feature shamanic drums, crystal bowls, gongs, handpans, native flutes and more sound healing instruments to provide you with an incredible journey. 

Give yourself some self love & care enjoying the sacred healing sounds as you lay down & rest!

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Join us for a Shamanic Sound Bath to cleanse yourself of all those bad vibes & bring your mind, body, & soul back into harmony with the help of plant medicines and sound healing!

We will be offering Ha-Pay (Rapé) (optional) for the sound bath to clear out your aura, decalcify your Third Eye, & ground you for the sound bath! 👁The Ha-pay is a really good medicine to cleanse your energy & Sananga, helping you relax for the Shamanic Sound Bath!

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Release anything that no longer serves you at a medicated Sound Bath! 🎶🔥🗿💨Join us as we tune into the spirit of the holy sacrament Cannabis & then lay down to enjoy a Sound Bath.

We require you to be 21 & Over to attend this sound bath, unless you're with your Guardian.

(This is one of our most popular events, space is extremely limited)

Cost: $35 RSVP; $40 DOOR

(Special Raffle Giveaway)

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